Corporate Social Responsibility


Our goal is the innovative products we offer to satisfy the needs of consumers. We take care in ensuring that these products are safe and high in quality.

We protect consumer health by prohibiting Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) from being used as ingredients in the raw and auxiliary materials. We select excellent raw materials and apply certified methods during their delivery. We adhere to good practices relevant to the production, storage, health and safety of products, certified and verified with the VIMAS total management system.

The consciousness of responsibility that results from the potential consumption of our products by sensitive consumer groups, children, pregnant women and seniors makes the issue of quality non-negotiable for us.


VIOTROS SA develops its business operations within a framework of sustainable development. Relevant to protecting the environment, our company implements a series of policies that consist of the following:

• Constant control of liquid waste through the state of the art liquid waste processing station (Biological Cleaning).
• Conversion of its facilities to replace the use of diesel fuel with Natural Gas, conducting at the same time constant control of gaseous pollutants.
• Clear orientation to recycling all solid waste.
• Continuous efforts for saving energy and natural resources in general.
• Use of methods and materials, friendlier to the environment, during the production and final distribution process
• Development of new facilities and expansions with minimal environmental impacts.
• Constant efforts for preventing polluting the environment and reduction of waste production as much as possible.


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