Philosophy and Vision

We are a customer- oriented company. In order to satisfy our customers' needs, to respond to their requirements and to meet their preferences, we have developed skills such as creativity, research and speed.

Our creativity leads us to innovative ideas and our continuous research leads to transforming these ideas into innovative products. This is how we satisfy the needs of a contemporary group of consumers that until now, for reasons that concern health, religion or lifestyle, had to be deprived of the taste of cheese.

Our development is based on our ability to immediately respond to our customers' requirements, by closely monitoring current nutritional needs and changing consumer preferences. Our quick adaptation to an international environment places us in a leading position among the alternative cheese industries.

Our vision is to develop a full variety of alternative cheese products that will meet consumers' nutritional needs without depriving them of the pleasure of food.

We will continue to respond to this challenge, by offering even more innovative products and giving consumers the chance to select the products that suit them and make them feel good. 


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