Research and development is a strategic choice for VIOTROS. The R&D Department is staffed by employees that have been chosen on criteria such as high levels of education, creativity and extensive experience in the development of dairy free products. Continuous education and training as well as collaboration with university departments and some of the most successful firms abroad, promote our team's research work as well as the implementation of its research results.

In this way, by operating with extra efficiency thanks to its good team spirit, our people in R&D department have managed to change many peoples’ eating habits! With full product lines with no or reduced ingredients of animal origin, they offer a healthy way of eating. Thus, people in 30 countries so far, have found products that suit them making VIOTROS leader in its category. 

The R&D Department operates in a framework of regulations relevant to the certified quality management system. The Department’s goals involve the constant development of new innovative products, the improvement of the existing variety, the application of new technologies and the acquisition of knowledge aimed at approaching new markets. The close collaboration with the company’s other departments guarantees a constant flow of useful knowledge relevant to the needs of the market, which are constantly changing. It is also worth noting that experienced chefs who specialize in Food Services are also part of the Team.

At VIOTROS we know first hand, how demanding but yet how great it is to produce innovative products!



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