Our Values

V itality

You can't keep growing every day unless you are a living organism! VIOTROS is a company that is growing and evolving. It operates with drive and confidence in its market’s environment, expecting to grow even more!

I nnovation

The secret to designing innovative products is to be able to dream. To have, as a scientist working in the R&D sector, the innovative mind to look ahead and the strength to bring the future to the present!

0 pportunities
The experience in our field gives us the ability to implement any opportunity that present itself. We look forward and we visualize our future new products!
T eam working

R esponsibility

We acknowledge our responsibility. Nutrition sector requires great responsibility and this is why we offer completely safe and healthy products to our customers.

O ur people

The company’s people are chosen on such criteria as high education, experience, creativity and innovativeness. At VIOTROS we speak collectively: "The people of our team." We include you among us, as our partner and consumer.

S ustainable

At VIOTROS we develop sustainably without harming the environment, society and our collaborators. We operate first and foremost with a sense of public responsibility towards consumers, our associates, our colleagues that chose us and to the Natural Environment in which we live and work.


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