1. What is the cholesterol content in your products?
All products made with vegetable fat have a cholesterol content of less than 5mg/kg.

2. What is the percentage of trans fat contained in your products?
Our products made with vegetable fats contain less than 0.3% trans fat.

3. Do you have products without dairy ingredients, lactose or which are casein free?
Yes, our products in the Viofast line are produced with 100% dairy free ingredients and do not contain lactose or casein. They are suitable for a vegan diet and for individuals that are lactose intolerant.

4. Do you have soy free products? 
Yes we do; all our products are soy free.

5. Do Viotros’ processed cheeses melt?
Yes, all our products made with vegetable fats (gouda, mozzarella, edam) as well as the vegan products melt.

6. Can I cook with Viotros products?
Yes you can replace traditional cheese with one of the Viotros cheeses when preparing any one of your favorite recipes. You simply have to pay attention to the cooking time and conditions as traditional cheeses differ compared to cheeses with vegetable fats in terms of their behavior during the cooking process.

7. Should Viotros cheeses be stored in the refrigerator? 
Yes, all products must be stored in the refrigerator.

8. Can I freeze Viotros products?
We do not recommend freezing for any Viotros products as they will undergo alterations in texture as well as in their other organoleptic features.

9. Where can I find the expiration date on your products?
The expiration date is printed on the bottom of the package.

10. Can I use Viotros products past the expiration date?
No, all Viotros products must be consumed by the expiration date printed on the package in order to maintain all their organoleptic features.

11. What is casein?
Casein is a source of protein which has a maximum 0.5% lactose content. After the milk clotting process and the removal of casein, the casein fat content is very low (0.1% max) and because of this low percentage in fat content, casein has a very low percentage of cholesterol content.

12.  Is MSG added to your products?
No, Viotros does not add a monosodium glutamate (MSG) flavour-enhancer to any of its products.

13.  Are your products matured?
No, all Viotros products are manufactured and packaged warm. They do not undergo any maturing or fermentation process.

14. Do you use animal rennet in your products?
Our products are not manufactured with animal rennet (the term rennet refers to the enzymes used for the clotting of milk in the cheese-making process). The casein we use to manufacture our products is made from microbial origin enzymes.

15. Do your products contain corn ingredients?
No, none of the ingredients in our products come from corn.

16. Have you implemented a cross-infection control program?
Yes, Viotros follows a strict cross-infection control program.

17. Do any of your products flour?
Yes, Viotros uses wheat starch.

18. Are Viotros products Kosher certified?
Yes, upon customer request.

19.  Are your products GMO free?
Yes, our products are made of non genetically modified ingredients (GMO free).


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